Three Reasons Why Sheffield Is Great for Web Design

Sometimes when you’ve lived and worked in the same place for a while it’s easy to take for granted the things which make that place great. In this blog I’m putting forward 3 reasons why I think PineGreen is ideally located as a Web Design Company in Sheffield.


Beauty is said to inspire creativity; certainly as a developer I know that dull surroundings really kill productivity stone dead. As well as being the greenest city in Britain (indeed, a good chunk of it is within a National Park!), it’s one of the most varied in terms of appearance. Take my tram journey to work. I’m lucky enough to have a lovely modern flat right next to the wonderful Norfolk Heritage Park. After passing the city’s station, the tram goes right the way along the controversial (but brilliant, in my opinion) Park Hill – the largest listed site in Europe and certainly the one with the most concrete. Park Hill sits opposite Sheffield’s famous Ponds Forge and the accompany bridge which acts as a gateway to the city centre. In no time at all, the tram reaches the Cathedral and then the high-rise buildings that surround the University. Our offices themselves are surrounded by buildings from Sheffield’s industrial past set around the River Don, notably the Kelham Island Museum. It’s such a pleasure to wander the 10m or so from our front door along the gangway to get a view of the water flowing.


Speaking of water flowing, I’ve never known a city with so many water features as Sheffield; a trail of them runs right the way from Sheaf Square outside the railway station, past Sheffield Hallam, through the Peace Gardens and right the way up to City Hall.



So often I hear from people who were bought up or spent time in the South of England who’ve moved up here and found it to be much more welcoming. It’s true, Sheffield is certainly a much more friendly city even than my hometown Nottingham. As well as that, we have two great Universities with massive Computing departments; so there’s a plentiful supply of new ideas about. Perhaps because of this (and the need to adapt from the city’s industrial past) Sheffield feels very future focused.



Anecdotal research on my part reveals that there is a strong correlation between happy web professionals and a good supply of Coffee. Unlike other cities, where seats in coffee shops are a commodity available seasonally, you can always find a good seat in Sheffield – probably because Meadowhall absorbs most of the shopping madness.