Application Development

How easily can you access the metrics you need for your business? If the answer involves anything other than the push of a button, your system is more complicated than it need be.

Our Process

Before we even begin to talk about how a perfect solution would act, we first of all take an overview of the current system. We’ll run through what sort of metrics are regularly extracted, how data is entered and together develop a wishlist for what we’d like a replacement system to do.

At this stage we consider the best platform to carry forward the application would be. It might be that this has been prescribed to us; but regardless of that we’ll always consider what would work best and relay that to our customers. After we’ve together selected a platform, we’ll create a plan for how data will be stored, considering Data Protection and any other relevant legislation or standards which will need to be adhered to. Finally, we lay out a schedule for development, and agree key points at which we’ll meet to discuss progress.

We build the application, right here in Sheffield. In line with our development plan, we’ll meet, and additionally keep you up to date on an at least weekly basis via email. Once complete, the application is extensively tested using a combination of test data (designed to flag up errors) and real world data. Reports are benchmarked against existing reports to check for consistency.

With the application complete and tested, we’ll decide on a strategy for putting the solution in to action and/or decommissioning any other existing systems.

App Evalution

We’ll give your application a thorough health check for free. We’re nice like that.

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